Another New Beginning

10:41 AM

Hello everyone,

It's me, Tenny. And welcome to my third {published} blog…{yup, you heard me all right}.

I started blogging when my husband and I decided that I should stay home and look after our children {around 2008}. So, to overturn my baby blues, I started a Simply A Mom blog, a blog about a mommy life and product reviews. I had so much fun writing. I learned so much about the social media world. I was introduced to awesome bloggers, authors, founders, and many other people. I even earned some money from that blog. However, after a year, I came to a decision to delete the blog permanently. I couldn’t manage my time and felt very overwhelm when I received offers to review different kind of products. I sounded so much like a quiter, but I actually I want to stay true to myself.

While still writing Simply A Mom blog, I created another blog. I dedicated that blog to my passion of scrapbooking and paper crafting. At first, I wanted to share my new journey as a Close To My Heart Consultant, but… that blog took me to a whole new world. I finally left Close To My Heart and joined many different scrapbooking challenge{s} blogs and manufacture design teams. I met many new wonderful and awesome friends. This blog has its up and down and I’m very proud of it. It’s called Tenny’s Crafted Life. I shared some very personal life story there too. However, I think…it is the end of an era for my crafty life blog. Ok, don’t judge me wrong. I’m not that kind of person who just quit and start something new. That’s not me. I will not delete this blog, but I will no longer write there anymore.

Now, here is a little introduction behind the Indie Chic Story blog. Back in college life, one of my favorite genEd subject was College Writing. Mrs. Nash told me that I got some potential. Back then, I didn’t really get it since English was my second language. My ex-boyfriend also told me that I should write a book. I laughed. Ok, I didn’t take their intentions seriously but to be honest I love writing and sharing my thoughts. There so many things that I’d like to share sometime I don’t know where to begin. Then 2 years ago my life has been changed, my family did a major {seriously BIG} move. We moved from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA to Surabaya,East Java, INDONESIA {a place where I was born and grew up} From the Midwest to a Big City. My children both are US born citizens and now they learn to live a new life. Life is not easy for me, my hubby and my children. Lots of story to tell and I guess I needed a new platform, that’s when the Indie Chic Story was born.

Why did I name this blog ‘Indie Chic’?
It wasn’t easy to find a name. When I found the word Indie Chic.. I just love it! I googled and tried to find out what it means {wanna make sure it reflects me}.

Indie isn’t a ‘look’ or a ‘style’. It’s part of the way you think, independent from what the mainstream wants you to think, independent from what Elle and Cosmo want you to wear this month, independent from what MTV plays, independent from labels and restrictions in general. Basically indie means following your own mind. ~ Urban Dictionary 


I am an Indie Chic and I have lots of everyday story to tell you.
So, Welcome to the Indie Chic Story blog ~ an ordinary girl with extraordinary stories and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.


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